One lakh Indians book ticket for Mars in NASA Insight

Around 2 years ago NASA announced a journey to Mars for people around the world.

“Our next step in the journey to Mars is another fantastic mission to the surface,” said Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “By participating in this opportunity to send your name aboard InSight to the Red Planet, you’re showing that you’re part of that journey and the future of space exploration.”

NASA allowed people to book for Mars Insight online.

NASA gave another chance for name submission, and this time number of Indians who booked for Mars Insight crossed over 1 lakh! The total number of names received by Nasa from all over the world is 2,429,807.

According to Nasa on Wednesday, India ranks third in the global list with regard to the number of names submitted for the Mars mission.The first is the US with 6,76,773 names followed by China with 2,62,752 names. India stands at number three.

Andrew Good of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) told TOIthat the deadline to submit names was last week and “we are no longer accepting submissions”

Slated for landing near the Mars equator on November 26, 2018, it is a 720-day mission, which will gather data on the Martian interior by monitoring Marsquakes.

Nasa states that InSight’s role is not only to study Mars, but also to gain broader insight into the formation of rocky planets in the entire solar system.

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